Our philosophy

Our companies philosophy is simply to make drop shipping, and e-commerce safe, and affordable for everyone.

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A community dedicated to e-commerce and drop shipping

Besides being one of the few online companies with a phone number, and an address you can actually come and meet us anytime you would like.

About Us

The PowerSellers Union was established in late 2007. Our goal was simply to provide a safe, and affordable drop shipping directory to people interested in starting an e-commerce business.

How the times have changed...

We originally started as e-commerce entrepreneurs. Eventually, through the fog of day to operations, we realized that there was a better way to sell products online than what was being offered at the time. We have grown into a fully functioning e-commerce community that helps our members with all aspects of starting an online business. We take pride in the fact that we are known for our honesty, and the loyalty we show to our members

Our staff

 Jim stiles started his drop shipping business in 1995Jim Stiles began working with computers as a hobby by building his own over 20 years ago. Jim turned his hobby into a local computer repair business in the mid 80s and grew from there.

He started his own local computer sales and repair business in the early 90s. In 1995, Jim expanded into the online business of selling various gifts and collectibles, in addition to computer systems. Jim’s intention was to turn his online sales business into a good extra income after retirement from federal service in 2002.

Jim is currently the president of his own internet related company and an online store. He also works with PSU providing data uploads, and assistance with e-commerce sites. Jim has been a member of the PSU since February 2009.


Mary Ellen data base, and seo consultant for the PSU

Mary-Ellen Camp...
After 25+ years of working in restaurant management, I am a happy mom of one, Cayden 14 months.  Love working with the PSU data entry department, and learning new things to do with e-commerce, Zen Cart and SEO.  Favorite Quote:  In the book of life, the answers aren't in the back...Charlie Brown


Tina is the co founder of the PSUChris Skaggs...

When Chris is not taking care of his two new daughters he is also designing websites for us here at the PSU, and helping with seo, and any other thing he can help with.

Tina is the co founder of the PSUTina Myatt Gammon...

Tina is co-founder of the PSU, mother of 2 boys Jude, and Jobe Gammon, and handles customer service inquiries. If you have sent us an email chances are you have spoken with her.


Jason Gammon...Jason is the founder of the PSU.

Hi, I'm Jason, the founder of The PowerSellers Union. I started selling products online about 12 years ago. One evening, as I was watching television, I saw an infomercial, you know the one with the famous actor and all the testimonials? Well, I thought, "This is a great idea." Unfortunately, so did a million other people, and there was no room for profit.

I invested 10 times more than I ever made, and wasted who knows how much time, but a fire was started, and I knew there had to be a way to start a profitable online business using drop shippers, and wholesale distributors. It was just a matter of finding these guys.

I spent the next couple years selling online using different wholesalers, which can be pretty good, but my garage looked like a warehouse, and it was a ton of trouble trying to keep everything in order.

I was on a forum one day reading about drop shipping, and I read a post about trade shows, one of the members stated this was how he had found some of his drop shippers. A little while later, I was driving home and I heard on the radio that there was going to be a huge trade show at the fairgrounds in Nashville Tennessee where I lived at that time, so I decided to go and see what I could find.

The admission was $10.00 and it turned out to be the best $10.00 I had ever spent. I found three awesome drop shipping companies that day, out of the 50 or so companies I spoke with, but I also acquired one other thing. LEADS.

I spent the next few years building my leads, calling companies, and going to shows, building and acquiring every bit of knowledge I could about the industry and working online. I did not know it at the time, but I was building The PowerSellers Union.

In 2007, after nearly eight years of building websites, selling products online, and working with an SEO company, I was approached by a woman who wanted me to help her get an e-commerce store going. She had signed up with one of those million-product companies and was ready to make a ton of money online.

I built her store, and helped her get a top-listing for a good keyword, and thought that was the end of that; but I always checked in with my clients every six months or so to see how they were doing.

SHE HAD NOT MADE A SINGLE SALE! Her website was getting between 100-500 hits a day, but nothing. She had spent about 400 dollars in fees to another company, that "guaranteed results" but still no sales. Not to mention she had paid a good amount for the website, hosting fees, and fifty dollars a month to the middleman. I was a bit confused, I knew the site was nice; it was my wife who actually figured out the problem.

You could get every product she had for about $20.00 -$30.00 cheaper; all you had to do was Google the item. I decided to help her, and found the main supplier for the items she sold. She said to me, "If you had a business helping others to do this, I would be your first customer." And she was.

I decided from that point on to help people to do what I love to do. Our community is not only my dream, but all of our members' dreams. I hold a personal responsibility to anyone who signs up here to help them start an e-commerce business, which is why I talk daily with the members and potential members as well as suppliers.

I don't make false promises or guarantees, and you won't be a millionaire tomorrow, but this is what I will guarantee you. I guarantee you that we will help you every step of the way. We will consistently add new and profitable drop shippers and wholesalers for you, and we will try our best to help you succeed.

One last thing about our company. I want you to know that we are a full-service company, and we are dedicated to our members and to their success. We will help anyone to get started in this business and with every aspect of the business. Our goal is to help every person who signs up here to be successful. We treat the guy who signed up with us last year the same as the guy who signed up yesterday.

What you will find here are real suppliers, name brand products, and real people that are dedicated to helping you learn how to sell online.


Community Forums

Our members tell us that one of the greatest things about The Power Sellers Union is our community forum, and the people who help run it. Our community forum is actually a place for our members to learn about drop shipping. Here, our members learn the nuts-and-bolts of how to run and operate an e-commerce website, or sometimes it can be just a place to chat. Our forum leaders are really what makes the PSU special.

Shenice assists with all drop ship related questions on our community forums

Shenice is one of our community leaders. She has been a member of the Psu for 2 yrs now, and also runs her own e-commerce store.