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Below is a short summary of our plans, and features.

Drop shipping Directory

You will have access to every legitimate drop shipper, and wholesaler located in the USA, and Canada. We rotate suppliers in, and out on a weekly basis to keep our directory up-to-date. We also have our community forums for beginners to ask questions, and to receive answers to those questions in a timely manner, one-on-one telephone support, and direct email support. You will find working with real drop shippers to not only be more profitable, but a lot more professional as well.


Coaching/Training Program

What if you could have one-on-one training from start to finish from proven e-commerce leaders that will completely walk you through how to create a successful drop shipping business? That is exactly what our coaching programs are for.

This is a four week one-on-one training program held twice a week based on your schedule. Each class will last up to one and a half hours, and is held via the telephone, and computer. The program includes a fully built e-commerce website, one-on-one training on how to operate the website, how to get signed up with the suppliers, how to optimize the website for the search engines, and much more. You are trained by the owners of The PowerSellers Union, from start to finish on all aspects of e-commerce, drop shipping, and starting an online business. Our next enrollment is starting soon please call, or email us for more details.

  • What we cover in our training program

  • - How to find, and work with a great supplier.
    - How to add the drop shippers products to your website.
    - How to send coupons, make specials, featured products, and sales.
    - How to use your hosting to analyze traffic.
    - How to change your websites layout in a few simple clicks.
    - How to add the correct images.
    - Learn how to monitor traffic your store.
    - How to create email accounts, and auto responders.
    - How to add sizing charts, and options to products.
    - How to set up banners for your website.
    - Learn how to properly SEO optimize your website.
    - How to set up a social profile on Facebook.
    - How to perform routine maintenance on your website.


    Affordable E-commerce web design

    While we originally did not intend to offer website design this has become one of our most popular options. Our e-commerce design team can build you a fully built store with Pay Pal, or Google checkout as your shopping cart for half the price of our competitors.

    These are real e-commerce websites they have no limitations on products, bandwidth, or any of the other limits set by our competitors. You can host the site yourself, or we can host it for you.

    When we built The Power Sellers Union, we wanted to offer our members a way to have a website without having to pay any type of fees to one of those monthly "rent a store sites." I am sure you have probably seen them; they start anywhere between $25.00 and $150.00 a month, and are usually loaded with worthless trinkets and 1990s electronics.

    So we decided to offer two affordable e-commerce website plans. The first one is $499.00. That will include a fully built website just like the ones on our website design page. The second is $899.00 and it includes a fully built website then we will also optimize it for the search engines, and create a standard logo for you.

    This way you can easily have your own website online using real drop shipping companies with no fees; you will be the owner of your own website; and you can grow your own business, not someone else's! The websites hold an unlimited amount of products, and categories. We can even attach a standard blog to your store if you would like. These are real websites that we build to your specifications, not cheap imitations, you will be the owner of the store, and have total control over the website.

    We provide all of our website owners with video tutorials, telephone support, and our support forum to help you learn every aspect of how to grow your new store.

    Real website vs a rent-a-site

    I’m sure that you are familiar with the “get on the internet instantly rent a store” sites. Typically, these “rent a store” sites cost anywhere from $25 to $150.00 per month, and they are usually loaded with worthless trinkets and 1990s electronics. By now, you’ve probably figured out that we don’t offer or recommend setting up your e-commerce business using the “rent a store” concept. Why not?

    I can answer that for you easily. When owning a website, you are going to need people to find your store, and you have to be indexed in Google or Yahoo for keywords that are relevant to your products.

    Let's say you are looking for dresses. Odds are you are going to go to the search engine and type in dresses, and visit the websites that come up. Those websites are there because they are about dresses, but also because those website owners use SEO. (Search Engine Optimization). This is a process that is applied to your website that makes it come up first for the relevant keywords. You have to have SEO on your website, or your website will end up on page 30 and no one will ever find you.


    They forget to tell you that when they are taking your money. Those websites are all made from the same code, and the search engines only list websites with new, and unique content/code. So basically, if you rent one of those websites the only visits you will get is from PPC (Pay per click) and a pay per click campaign will cost you hundreds of dollars a week. This is why you need to have your own, unique website.

    Let's look at the math here a typical rental website will run you $79.00 per month x 12 months = $948.00 per year. If you have that website for five years that's $4740.00 you have spent when you could have gotten a real website from us that you will own for a fourth of the price.

    Search engine optimization

    Some of our members already have their own website, but they do not have it optimized for the search engines. This is something we can teach you how to do yourself for free.

    If you are not sure what SEO is, let me explain.

    Surf a few e-commerce or website development forums and you will quickly come across the phrase Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO is the process that is applied to your website to make it show up first in the search engine listings for the search terms used by your customers. Let’s looks at an example of the power of SEO.

    Try doing a search on Google for dresses. There are 2,256,013 searches a day for dresses. The first website listed for dresses is Davids Bridal. Davids Bridal averages 1,518,296 visitors a month. Now, if they get one sale for every 100 visits (note: this is a rough average –yours could be more or less), this equals 15,182 sales per month (1,518,296 x .01 = 15,182.96).

    Do the math for yourself. Research SEO to see what it is and what it can do for your website. A website that gets millions of visitors will sell millions of dollars in products, plain and simple.

    Before you start thinking you're gonna be a millionaire tomorrow by having a website online let's go over the facts. SEO has to be done properly, it takes time and hard work. There are thousands of other websites online ahead of yours; most though, do not have SEO or if they do, it is not done properly.

    SEO is done in two parts the on-site SEO, which is done on your websites code, and then the off-site SEO, which is link building. We will help you with the on-site SEO for free, which is really the hardest part, and then show you how to do the off-site SEO yourself.

    It usually takes about 1-3 months for the search engines to list your website for some of the smaller keywords, which will bring you anywhere from 50-200 visits a day. The medium keywords that will bring you 300-500 visitors a day should take roughly 3-6 months to acquire. The larger keywords can take from six months to a year.

    It takes time, but if it is done properly, you can be very successful at this. There are millions of sites online that will promise you that this is simple, and that you can be a millionaire in a few days of drop shipping their products, with little to no work. We are not one of those companies.

    How are our sites different, and what do you get?
    We build real e-commerce, stand alone websites that you (the store owner) control. We offer two affordable e-commerce website plans. The first plan includes a full featured e-commerce website just like the ones you see on our website design page, these stores can hold an unlimited amount of products we also provide video tutorials to teach you how to use them.

    The second plan consists of a complete e-commerce website optimized for maximum search engine traffic, backlinks to build your websites social media presence, and a store logo.

    With our plans you can easily have your own e-commerce website, working with legitimate drop shipping companies who do not charge fees. You will be the owner of your own website. You will grow your own business, not someone else's! Unlike the sites offered by some of our competitors, your website can hold an unlimited amount of products, and product categories.

    We can even attach a standard seo'd blog to your store if you would like. These are real websites that we build to your specifications, not cheap imitations, you will be the owner of the store, and you will have total control over the website. We can host the site for you, or we can help you set up your own web hosting.

    Regardless of the plan you choose, we are always here to help you with the on-site SEO for free and we’ll show you how to do the SEO yourself. Remember, we’re just a phone call or email away!

    What's the catch?

    I can’t count the number of times we’ve had people ask us, "What's the catch? How can you build these websites for so cheap?" The truth is -- we are not building the sites “on the cheap,” everyone else is just charging way too much for their services. Most people don't know what the acceptable price for a website is so they pay large amounts of money to companies for nothing.

    There is really no way to measure prices online for services like these, and we could easily charge the same price as everyone else. Frankly, most people wouldn’t know the difference. But this is simply not acceptable to us. We want our services to be affordable. From drop shipping, and web design, to coaching our goal is to reach out to everyone who wants to run their own e-commerce website, and give everyone the same opportunity. Regardless of their income level.