Finding a real drop shipper can be difficult to do alone. Let us help you start your drop shipping business the real way.

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Affordable solutions custom fit for you.

Stop paying monthly fees to drop ship products online, and let us help you to get your new e-commerce business going today.

Let us help you start your new business today.

The PowerSellers Union was established in 2007. From our beginnings as a suppliers directory to growing into one of the most comprehensive e-commerce training communities online today we've held true to our core idea of providing an affordable way for anyone, anywhere to be able to start a drop shipping business.

Our goal is for our members to be able to make a living selling products online. Our job is to provide you with the tools, and resources to do just that. Don't be fooled by other sites who claim that starting an online business will be "quick," or "easy" it takes hard work, and dedication from you to build an online business however, when done properly the rewards can be great.

We will help you set up your own e-commerce website, teach you how to optimize it for maximum search engine exposure, find real suppliers for your existing site, or teach you the real way to drop ship products on eBay.

We have members that have been very successful using our suppliers for their business. We have members from all different walks of life, from beginners, to seasoned merchants we offer something for everyone.

Here's how we are different:

On the internet, there are hundreds of so-called "drop shipping companies," most who are actually only middlemen masquerading as wholesalers. How do these companies operate?

1. They go to real drop shippers and sign up for their services.

2. They put all of the real suppliers products on their website.

3. Raise the price of each item by 10-40%.

Then they call themselves a supplier, charge you a monthly fee for access to their ‘catalog’, and somehow expect you to make a profit off of the products. If it wasn’t so sad it would be funny - most of these companies have never even seen the products they sell.

Now here’s the secret that these guys don’t want you to know:

You can get your products, from the same drop shippers as they use, with no monthly fees, and without their markups. Real suppliers will, and actually want to, work with you.

Sourcing your suppliers through our directory gives you direct access to all of these suppliers, with no monthly fees ever! If you eliminate the middleman, not only will you not have to pay a ton of fees, but you will also be able to sell your products for less - ultimately you will achieve greater sales, and make more money. This is how we are different. We bring real suppliers to you.

Every company that gets placed in our directory is put under the microscope before we make them available to our members.

Their trustworthiness is verified through sources like the BBB online, Ripoff Reports, and (when applicable) we even speak to the company owners.

We give you a direct link to the legitimate drop shippers in our dropship directory. We never make a single penny off your sales, and we do not use any kind of affiliate links.

And…we are there for you every step of the way. All of our members get our full attention with immediate responses to emails, telephone support, support forums with in-the-trenches advice and encouragement from other members, affordable e-commerce website design, search engine optimization tutorials and guidance, website templates/design, marketing advice… basically, all of the support you will ever need to get your business up, and running on the right track.

There are companies online that want you to believe drop shipping is a hard industry to get started in. They also want you to believe you are supposed to pay monthly fees for everything under the sun. They prey off of people who are just getting started in this industry.

That is why you see places with so-called "free trials" these are usually just ways to get you in the door, then they flood you with telemarketing calls at all hours of the day, and night trying to get you to "upgrade" to something else. We do not agree with any of these theories, or practices.

All of our packages are one time-lifetime packages, and you will never be harassed by telemarketers, or spammed by us.

How e-commerce really works.

Here's how this all really works, in the paragraph to the left you will see the supply chain. Using that as a reference point lets break it down.

1. The manufacturer makes the products, then they will either send it to the wholesalers, or they will drop ship the products for you. These are large factories, and warehouses all around the world.

The wholesalers have two jobs.

A. To sell the products.

B. To ship the products.

2. The wholesalers will either sell their products in bulk to other smaller wholesalers, retail outlets, and to other smaller drop shippers, or they will drop ship them. They will also work with you.

3. Drop shipping companies

The drop shipping companies buy bulk from the wholesalers, they will drop ship products for you to your customers, for free.

4. The middlemen.

These are the places you find online when searching for drop shippers. The middlemen do one thing, they go to the real suppliers website, create an account with them, put their products on a website, raise the product's price by 15-30%, and call themselves a drop shipper. They make their money off of every sale you make, and through monthly fees. The problem with this is you can bypass these guys, and work with the real suppliers for free.

Can you drop ship on eBay?

Not using a middleman!

You can sell products on eBay, but you will have to work with the larger suppliers, and manufacturers. Think about it, how can you sell a product on eBay if everyone else has the same product, for 20.00-300.00 dollars less?

Did you ever wonder why products are so cheap on eBay? I will tell you the truth about it, and what the other guys don't want you to know.

In 1995 a computer programmer named Pierre Omidyar created eBay it was an over night sensation. It started as a normal auction website, and you could use any drop shipper for eBay, but when the wholesale suppliers found out how much money was being made there they decided to get in on the action as well. What most people don't know is eBay actually allows a lot of big name wholesalers to sell their products on eBay for free.

So in order for you to drop ship products on eBay successfully you will need to work with real wholesalers that offer drop shipping, not the middlemen that you see in the search engines. To my knowledge there are two places online that will provide you with real wholesale distributors, and to be a member at the other place will cost you about five times the amount as it will here.

I have had new people ask me. How can your services be so affordable? Actually, it’s a question new people ask us all the time. The answer is simple. It’s not really that we are cheap, but that our competitors (who you hear so many great things about) use affiliates (online salesmen). They pay these affiliates 100s of dollars per sale to lure you in. The affiliates do this by creating fake reviews, and multiple mini sites to make you think they are worth the high prices, or monthly fees. This is why our competitors are so expensive and have so many glowing reviews. We don't believe in paying people to say nice things about us, we never have, and never will. Our clients do that for us and this allows us to keep our prices lower because we don't have any affiliates to pay out. The truth is there are about 1000 real drop shipping companies in the USA, and Canada they are all in our directory.

You could literally have your own nice e-commerce website, or eBay store with 1000s of products on it up, and running in days. With no monthly fees, or middlemen eating up your hard-earned profit! We will do whatever it takes to help you succeed, and we have no hidden fees what so ever.

We believe that each member has their own special needs, and products that they may want so we take requests from our members for those products. Basically if there is a unique category, and we don't have it listed in our directory email us, and we will do our best to find it for you. We have numerous suppliers from electronics, green /conservation, home decor, automotive, apparel, toys, pet supplies, and much much more.

We have over 950 suppliers listed in our directory. We have another 300 in our database that we rotate in, and out to keep our directory up-to-date. We even have different types of drop shippers that serve different purposes.

The honest truth is that the internet is full of middlemen who have no intentions of helping you succeed. This is one of the biggest differences between our company, and the others you will find online.

We try our best to help our members, and have built lasting relationships with them. We work hard to bring our members a real drop shipping, and wholesale directory. We work hard to properly educate you on how to start an online business. We do not just offer a few hours of coaching. We will spend weeks helping you if needed.

Our challenge to you is simple go and sign up for any of our competitors, and compare the prices, and at the end of the day when you realize you cannot make a profit because the prices are cheaper than you are getting the items for, then come back, and we will show you the real way to sell products online, and how to start a real online business.

We even give you access to the suppliers that some of the major e-commerce websites use, and with our website program you could have your own business up, and going in no time. We will also teach you how to use proper SEO techniques to get your store in front of 1000s of potential customers daily.

With a combined 20 years worth of experience in drop shipping, eBay sales, running an online business, website design, and seo our staff is ready, and capable of helping you start a real online business. It does not matter who you are, or where you're from if you have the desire, we can, and will help you succeed.

Call us. We know most of our members by name, and we speak with some on a daily basis. Our phone lines are open from 10am to 5pm CST. While we will never call and solicit you for any reason, we will be there to answer your phone calls or call you back in a timely manner to answer your questions. We can and will do our best to ensure your success.

One Final Note

On a final note. When you leave this site whether you sign up with us, or someone else we want you to know that starting a business, and selling products online does not have to be a difficult task.

A real drop shipping company should not charge you any monthly fees to sell their products. You are doing them a favor by choosing them as your supplier, not the other way around.

Our job is to supply you with real suppliers, to answer all of your questions by telephone or email, to help you launch your website, to help you with SEO for your website, teach you how to sell online, show you how to avoid scams, and most importantly to help you make money. We are not just some list, we are a full service e-commerce community, that's here to help you.